Shopping Cart Cover

1) Q: Does this shopping cart cover fits Cotsco carts?

    A: Yes, this shopping cart cover fits Cotsco carts!

2) Q: When to use a shopping cart cover?

    A: The Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover can be used in 2 typical situations: to cover a shopping cart chair or a high chair cover. You have as well a 3rd possible use, that is to use the cover as a floor playground in case of need.

3) Q: How big is the phone pocket? Whats the largest screen size it can hold

    A: It's pretty large and l has plenty room

4) Q: Is this shopping cart cover suitable for infants as well as toddler size babies?

    A: This is suitable for when a baby can sit with a little support.

5)  Q: Is this baby cover machine washable?

     A: Yes, the Claro Baby shopping cart cover for babies is machine washable, Please use a cold and gentle cycle after removing the straps.



Baby Wrap Carrier

1) Q: What are baby wraps used for

    A: Baby wraps help carrying your baby around. Some benefits are:

           - Babies crying less
           - Makes parenting easier
           - Encourages healthy mental and emotional development

2) Q: Can I use this for back carrying?

    A: Hello, the baby wrap can be used for back carrying however it has to be specifically tied for this position.

3) Q: What size does it fit up to?

    A: The baby wrap is large enough that it is good for everyone, you don't have to worry about the size you are.

4) Q: Why use a baby wrap?

    A: Wearing a baby wrap has 2 main advantages (among others):
          - The baby happiness and well being helping mental and emotional development and having the baby crying less in most of the situations
          - Allows the parent carrying the baby to have time for herself/himself while bonding with the baby

5) Q: Where is this shopping cart cover manufactured?

    A: Our baby wrap is designed in Switzerland and manufactured in China according to the highest quality standards.

6) Q: Can it be used in the summer time?

    A: Yes, very light weight and comfortable.

7) Q: Is there a special way to wrap newborns?

    A: No. Just the general way of wrapping your infant. The instructions that are included are very easy to follow.

8) Q: When to use baby wrap?

    A: You can wear your baby from early age, babies love to be placed in the wrap as they feel close to their parents. And you have your hands free to make your "me" time more enjoyable!


If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!