Claro Baby is a small family run business which sells high quality, value for money baby and parent products via the Amazon marketplace. The brand was founded in 2015. The name of the company came from the names of the two daughters of the company owners.


Since the foundation of the company, Claro Baby has been on a singular mission: to offer high quality and safe products for babies and their parents at exceptional value and affordable prices.


The success of Claro Baby is driven by the core values the company holds:


Product Safety and QualityClaro Baby prides itself on the quality and safety of its products, aiming to surpass customers' expectations. Products are made of premium materials making them completely safe for the babies.


Easy to use: Claro Baby provides a fantastic user experience. All of its products are easy to assemble, understand and use regularly. 


Baby and parents comfort: Claro Baby constantly innovates to ensure it’s products are a comfortable experience for both babies and their busy parents. .


Claro Baby was born with the baby‛s best interest in mind striving to bring value to babies and their parents around the world.