Who is a Perfect Parent?

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We all imagine that we will be the perfect parent when we have our first child. However, we will quickly learn that it is much more complicated than anticipated. We will cover what makes a perfect parent and how to become one. 


What is the most effective parenting style?


There are several different philosophies when it comes to parenting. Most first parents tend to lean toward a more disciplined and cautious method of parenting. After another child or two, parents tend to get a little more relaxed. There's no definitive answer to the question of the best parenting method. Take situations day by day and handle them accordingly. Don't let anyone tell you how to parent your child. Do what seems right and what works for your child. 


What are some practical tips on early parenting?


Early parenthood is going to be rough. The first tip I can give someone is to go easy on yourself. You will not be a perfect parent. If you make a small mistake, just correct it in the future. One of the reasons you might make some small mistakes is because of how exhausting parenthood can be. Do everything you can to get some sleep during this time. Take shifts with your spouse so that at least one of your van get sleep. When the baby naps, take that time to nap, too. More parenting tips include getting help when you need it, taking care of your own physical health, and bonding with your baby every chance you get. They really do grow up too quickly. 


What is effective parenting?


There are a lot of ways that you can describe effective parenting. When thinking about this question, think big. Effective parenting means that your baby is healthy, happy, clean, and safe. This means creating a good environment for the baby to live, supporting them financially, and not letting any unnecessary toxicity into their world. Outside of that, effective parenting is what works best for you and your little family. 


How can you protect your newborn from germs?


If you stress about every germ that your baby comes into contact with, you're going to drive yourself crazy. Instead of going to extremes, just practice good habits. For example, you should always clean your baby when their diaper is full. You should also bathe your baby regularly. When you use the bathroom or come across something icky, you should wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. If anyone goes to play with the baby, you should insist they wash their hands first. 

When your baby starts to crawl, you run into even more troubles. It seems that babies will put anything into their mouth except for the dinner you make for them. Just watch them carefully and keep the floors clean. Don't let them crawl around dirty areas. 


The simple answer is that there is no perfect parent. Even the parents who go above and beyond and always seem put together mess up from time to time. Use these parenting tips and do your best. Continue to strive for perfection while also understanding that you won't succeed all the time. As long as your baby is healthy and safe, you're doing just fine.

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