How Do You Use a Stretchy Baby Wrap?

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Since your baby spends a lot of time in your arms, it's wise to invest in a baby wrap. Although it may seem like a tricky way to secure your baby having to tie it yourself, it's pretty easy, even if you’re alone. Stretchy wraps are also convenient for storing after use, using while breastfeeding, and are great for crowded areas where strollers may not be appropriate. This hands-free stretchy wrap allows you to carry your little one in various positions and give you the ability to multitask knowing your baby is secure.

What is the best newborn baby carrier?

Stretchy wraps are great newborn carriers being that they are similar to being in the womb and are great for calming the baby while they listen to your heartbeat. They also form a stronger bond by allowing your baby to hear and see what you see. In addition to comforting your newborn, this machine-washable baby carrier has various positions, making it easy to multitask and keep your baby secure.

How long can I use a stretchy wrap?

Because of its wrap around style, this wrap works from the day after your infant is born into the toddler age. Baby wraps support up to 30 pounds while keeping your little one snug and secure. Because of the stretchy wrap being lightweight and comfortable, you can even tie the wrap and keep it on all day, even while the baby is not inside of the carrier.

At what month can I start using baby carrier?

If you’re a bit nervous to use a baby carrier immediately after birth, the first month is a great time to introduce your newborn to a baby wrap. This is the best time to begin using the wrap, especially since it’ll help them with their transition from being in-utero into the world without shocking them.

How do you tie a wrap sling?

Many parents are apprehensive about buying wrap carriers because they look a bit intimidating, but with a little bit of practice, you can master this wrap pretty quickly. To begin, find the center of the wrap and place the center between your lower chest and midsection. Grabbing the two ends of the wrap, wrap the cloth around your back. When bringing the wrap forward, cross the ends and tighten them before bringing them around your shoulders. You know you’ve done it right when there is an X on your back.

Once you’ve formed your X, tuck your wrap into the front section that you formed in the center of your body. Before securing the ends behind you, cross them again to form another X in the front. Finish by tightening the ends and tying a knot in the back. After making sure your wrap is secure, grab your baby and place them into the X. You know they’re secure when their legs are on both sides and their back is covered by the wrap. The final step is pulling the midsection fold over your baby’s back and adjust as necessary for comfortability and weight distribution. When learning, be sure to place your baby over a soft surface to avoid dropping your newborn while getting used to securing your wrap.

The Takeaway

After you master your wrapping technique, you will appreciate making an investment in a baby wrap. They’re convenient in tight public areas, give your baby a secure resting place, and allows you to get things done simultaneously. Congratulations on welcoming a new edition to your family and happy wrapping!






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