Why Are Shopping Cart Covers Important?

shopping cart cover
If you’re a new mother, you might find yourself desperate to get out of the house, and that’s never easy to do with a baby. Once your baby starts sitting up, they might enjoy going to the store and running errands with you. They’ll love sitting up in the cart and being able to look at all the people and bright colors in the store. To make this experience easier on yourself, you’ll want to invest in a shopping cart cover to make shopping a simple and safe outing.

How Dirty Are Shopping Trolleys?

Do you really want to know? Researchers at the University of Arizona found that shopping cart surfaces carry more bacteria than they discovered in public restrooms— we’re talking the entire restroom, including toilet seats and flush handles. In short, shopping carts are very dirty. You should always wipe down the handle of the cart before you begin your shopping.

Are There Germs on Shopping Carts?


There are a lot of germs on shopping carts. The average person doesn’t wash their hands too often. They might only wash after eating or (hopefully) after using the bathroom. Our hands get a lot dirtier than that though. Anytime you cough, wipe your baby’s nose, or touch a dirty surface, your hands are picking up uncountable germs and bacteria, and you don’t have access to a sink to wash your hands every time that happens. Then you go shopping, and place your hands right on that cart handle. We’re all part of the problem.

Do You Need a Shopping Cart Cover?


A shopping cart cover is an easy and efficient product to keep these germs from getting your baby sick. The cover drapes over the seat in the shopping cart, providing a barrier between the surface and your baby. This way, your baby never has to directly contact the dirty cart.

Why Do Parents Need to Use a Shopping Cart Cover?


The best shopping cart cover can be versatile enough to use at the store or at home, as some of them double as high chair covers. If you protect your baby’s high chair with a cover, you won’t have to waste your precious free time trying to pick dried baby food out of the crevices in the chair. Instead, you can pop the cover off and toss it in the wash.

Along with the benefit of helping to keep germs and bacteria off your baby, the shopping cart cover also adds cushion and support for the baby. Babies who are just learning to sit up will get some extra structure from the cover, keeping them from tipping over.



A shopping cart cover is a useful baby product that will make your outings with a baby much simpler. The Claro Baby shopping cart cover, available on Amazon, is a high quality option that also fits on the high chair. It includes pockets and loops for the baby’s toys, and a clear pocket for your cell phone to keep older babies entertained while you shop. If you're looking for the best shopping cart cover, the Claro cover will make errands easier and keep you and baby happy.


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