How do You Use a Shopping Cart Cover?

shopping cart cover

In recent years, parents have become increasingly concerned about the number of germs on shopping carts. Some stores have even started to provide sanitizing wipes for this reason. Then baby gear manufacturers came up with the idea of the shopping cart cover. This is a cloth cover that you place in the front part of the shopping cart. It covers the seat, back, and handle of the cart. The buckle goes around the back support to keep your baby or toddler secure. Teething babies can gnaw on the cover without worrying over the germs on a shopping cart handle.

Some covers include attached toys to keep children occupied while their parents shop. Others include a pouch in the front so you can carry toys and snacks for your little one. Most of the time, these covers come with a carry bag or can be folded into itself to carry. Many of them can also be used on restaurant high chairs. If you want to use a shopping car cover, there are a few factors you should consider.


What age can you use a shopping cart cover?


You should not place your baby in the front part of a shopping cart until he or she can sit up without support. Babies develop at different rates, but this is usually around six months. A cart cover does not provide adequate support for a baby who cannot sit up on their own.

Are shopping carts carriers of bacteria?

Multiple studies have shown that shopping carts can be full of bacteria. By placing a cart cover over the front, many parents feel better that their child is not being exposed to all the unseen bacteria. However, remember that the shopping cart cover is still touching the cart. So if there are bacteria on any part of the cart where the cover goes, this will be transmitted to the cover. It is essential to wash your cart cover frequently if you use one.

How do you go grocery shopping with a newborn?


It can be a challenge to time your shopping trip so your newborn is not tired, hungry or needing to be changed. If you do manage to overcome these elements, how do you actually shop with a baby to carry? There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Use a baby carrier
  • Bring a baby hammock that attaches to the cart
  • Leave the baby in his car seat and place the car seat in the cart
  • Place baby in a stroller and use the bottom storage area for groceries

The method you choose will depend on how many items you need and what feels most comfortable to you.

Can a 5-month-old sit in a restaurant high chair?


Babies develop at different rates. Some 5-month olds may be ready to sit in a restaurant high chair. Some babies may not be able to until they are seven months old or older. If your baby is an independent sitter, then he or she should be able to sit in a restaurant high chair just fine.

Becoming a parent for the first time opens up a whole new world of discovery. You will likely have a lot of questions of how to do things or what products you need. You can learn a lot by visiting with other moms. Use this short guide to help you while grocery shopping with your infant and you will feel like a strong and capable mama for sure.



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