What Age Are Shopping Cart Covers For?

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Shopping carts and high chairs are major sources of germs that your baby can encounter when you are out running errands. Naturally, you can’t keep your baby home all the time, but you also need to help protect them from illnesses while their immune systems are still developing. As you start exploring baby gear, you may be wondering at what age you can use a shopping cart cover to keep your infant comfortable and safe. For the most part, you should start using one of these covers around the time that your baby is six months or older and capable of sitting up on their own. Keep in mind, however, that your baby may hit this milestone sooner or later, and this can affect when you start using the cover.

Can I Put My Car Seat in a Shopping Cart?

You might have seen parents put their baby’s infant seat in the shopping cart’s child seating area. However, this is very unsafe. Car seats that are placed here can easily be knocked over. In addition to being exposed to a hard fall, your child will also be trapped in the seat and vulnerable to injuries. For this reason, it is best to carry your baby in a carrier until they are old enough to sit in the shopping cart cover.

When Can I Put My Baby in a High Chair?

Your baby can use a high chair as soon as they can sit up with minimal support. By this time, your baby should be eating some solid foods, which makes having them sit in a high chair extra exciting. Keep in mind that young babies still need to be watched closely when they sit in a high chair, and you will need to put the cover on the surface of the chair to prevent them from encountering germs as they eat. The cushioned cover also helps you to provide a little extra support for your baby as they strengthen their ability to sit up independently.

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When Should Baby Sit up on OWN?

Babies hit this major milestone at different ages, and there are many factors that determine when a baby can sit up completely on their own. However, the average baby usually starts sitting up on their own around the time they hit six months of age. Keep in mind that your baby will only be able to sit up for short periods of time in the beginning. You can help your baby to develop this skill by giving them lots of opportunities to practice in a safe place. A seat cover in your shopping cart is a great way to get some sitting up time in while you engage with your baby during trips out in public.

When Can I Bring My Newborn Out?

It is perfectly safe to take your newborn out anytime you want. In fact, you may already have had to take them out of the house for doctor’s appointments or quick trips to the store. If your baby is healthy, then you can take them out anytime you want. Just make sure to dress them appropriately for the weather and using safe carrying methods when you take them out of their car seat.


As with any baby product, you want to make sure that your baby is old enough to use a shopping cart cover safely. Making sure that they can sit up and are always closely supervised means that you can begin to use it within your baby’s first year of life. Once your baby is old enough, make sure to keep your cover in your diaper bag or car so that you always have it ready to create a cozy place for your child to enjoy your trips into public.

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