Positive Parenting Strategies for Difficult Toddler Behaviour


Parenting a toddler can be especially difficult, because it requires imposing discipline at an age when children have a very tenuous grasp on right and wrong. They might do things without realizing that they're causing harm to others or themselves. You don't have to become the bad guy when working against this behaviour. You can show your toddler the proper way to act while still maintaining a friendly disposition. With these positive parenting strategies, you can keep things peaceful while keeping your toddler in line.


How do you correct a child's bad behavior with positive parenting?


You might've been raised to believe that negative actions require negative reactions. This might work if you see shame as being the best possible motivator. However, that doesn't help impressionable children. Avoiding bad behaviour should be done out of understanding why it's wrong, not out of fear of punishment.


The counter to negative reactions are positive ones that keep the reality of the situation in mind. You want to establish your love for your toddler while calmly and carefully telling them about why what they did was wrong and what they should do in the future. You may need to give them initial discipline, such as putting them in a timeout, before you collect yourself and prepare to speak to them.


How do you discipline a toddler?


The purpose of discipline is to help instill positive behaviours and root out negative ones. Toddlers can't be expected to understand or achieve self-discipline, so it's up to parents and other caretakers. The right way to discipline a toddler varies depending on the toddler and the level of intervention they require.


A toddler has more awareness and communication abilities than a baby, but they're still a long way from the maturity of even a grade-schooler. To discipline a toddler, you need to offer clear phrasing that they can understand and punishments that are appropriate for them and which show consequences for their actions. For example, you might revoke being able to watch a favorite television program for a certain amount of time. You might also have them offer a corrective behavior, such as giving an apology to a sibling who they made cry.


How do you support a child with challenging Behaviour?


While even well-behaved children can have slip-ups, your toddler might have a worrying streak that concerns you. You might start to get worried about what this means for their future and if they'll ever break free of this phase. Your toddler needs your support no matter how good or bad their behaviour is.


Supporting your toddler doesn't mean endorsing everything they do. It means you're finding ways to help them be the best they can. Constant outbursts and other concerning behaviours don't just happen because your toddler is willingly defying your rules. There is likely something much bigger going on. Should you have exhausted all methods of discipline or trying to get through to your toddler, you might need to bring them to a professional. A visit to a child psychologist can help your toddler by having them be examined by someone who is experienced with diagnosing different conditions and recommending the proper means of intervention.


What do toddlers need from their parents?


Beyond survival basics like food, shelter, and clothing, toddlers need to be looked out for by their parents. You need to have the best interests of your child at heart as they grow from baby to toddler. Although that's likely something you keep in mind regardless, it's especially important when your toddler is misbehaving.


Toddlers shouldn't be made to feel that bad behaviour makes them "bad." Labels can have a very long-lasting impact on a child and maybe something they carry into adulthood. Your toddler is an individual who, just like you, can be prone to good and bad choices. You need to show respect and love for them through it all.


We want you to be able to be the best parent you possibly can be. Things like shopping cart covers can help your toddler to feel comfortable and happy. Your love and attention can also make things all the better.


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