What Do You Really Need For a Baby?

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After the initial excitement of finding out you’re expecting, picking out baby items becomes a priority. When it comes to making a registry, it can be intimidating, especially for first-time parents. Some universal items you will need including diapers, wipes, clothing, and bottles, but investing in a quality baby carrier is equally important. 

Baby carriers are significant because your little one will spend lots of time in it. For instance, if you have to sterilize your nursing bottles but your newborn wants to be held, a great way to complete both tasks is putting them in the carrier. The same applies to getting them to sleep when laying them in their crib is not an option. One of the best baby carriers on the market is the baby wrap sling. Not only are they lightweight and secure, their breathable materials are great for keeping your little one cozy and dry.

How do you wrap your baby in a sling?

At first glance, many parents opt out of purchasing a baby wrap sling since tying it can look rather difficult. Since lots of parents use these slings, there are numerous online videos to assist you. To start, hold the ends of the sling wrap and grab the middle fold. This fold is going to go across your midsection. Next, you’re going to cross the ends of the sling wrap over your shoulders. This will create an X on your back. Repeat this step in the front of your body to form another X across your chest before wrapping the ends around your back. Finally, tie a knot to secure the wrap in front close to your midsection.

Once you have secured your baby wrap sling, stand over a mattress or couch. This ensures your little one’s safety as they may fidget around while you get them into the sling. To start, place your baby’s feet into the lower half of the X. You know you’ve done it right when your baby’s legs can dangle and they’re in a sitting position. Finally, secure their midsection by pulling the original section across your waist over their back. Once adjusted, you’re good to go.

How long can you use this wrap?

You can immediately begin using a sling wrap days after giving birth. This makes them feel safe immediately after leaving the womb.

How much weight can a baby sling hold?

Since this sling holds up to 30 pounds, you can continue to use this sling comfortably until your baby exceeds this weight. If your toddler begins to get heavy facing forwards, you can secure them on your back. Be sure to brace them against something so they don't slip.

Which products are best for your newborn?

Outside of clothing, bottles, and diapers, baby sling wraps are a great baby investment. With their ability to mimic the womb, you can snugly wrap your baby in fetal position and keep them warm while they listen to your heartbeat. This wrap allows brings your baby close enough to smell you, making it easier to soothe them when they get fussy.


Baby wrap slings are a great investment that have been tested by mothers and fathers of various sizes. Based on their 100% money back guarantee, it is worth putting this item on your registry. Enjoy its convenience on the go, in the house while doing chores, or even to keep baby in place as you rock them to sleep. This breathable and machine-washable product will bring your entire family joy as it continues to work as your little one grows.

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