What Are Must Have Baby Items?

baby wrap cariier

When you find out you’re pregnant and a precious little one will be arriving soon, you are thrilled and excited. As time goes on, you think about all the things you need and realize they need a lot! The question is, “What are some baby must items?”


• Onesies
• Stretch pants or leggings
• Undershirts
• Zip up sweaters/jackets
• Hats & mittens
• Socks and booties

You will also need some dressy outfits and shoes for special occasions. For girls, some leg warmers or tights to wear with dresses and hair accessories to add “cuteness” are nice to have.

Diaper Items:

• Cloth or disposable diapers
• Diaper pail
• Wipes/diaper cream
• Changing table
• Diaper bag


• Crib
• Mattress
• Bedding (fitted sheet, waterproof mattress protector)
• Baby monitor
• Dresser
• Rocking chair


• Footed sleepers
• Wearable blanket
• Receiving blankets


• Bottles or breast-feeding bras/pads
• Bottle brush
• Bibs
• Pacifiers
* Burp cloths

• Baby bathtub
• Hooded baby towels
• Soft washcloths
• Baby soap/shampoo
• Soft hairbrush

Some other must-have items are:

• Infant car seat (or one that changes from infant to toddler)
• Baby wrap sling
• Stroller
• Baby swing
• Play yard or portable crib
• High chair
• Bouncy seat

 Is front facing baby carrier bad?


After 4-6 months, they are ok, but not as a means of carrying your baby constantly in one position. For newborns, they aren't supportive for baby’s legs and spine, Also, the baby’s groin area may become chafed because of the divider between their legs.


What age can babies go in a back carrier?

It is recommended for babies to be able to sit straight and their bodies to be more developed, which is usually around 6 months of age.


Can you wear a newborn on your back?

It is not advisable because they need to have full control of their heads and necks and be able to sit alone. It is also good for you to see them at all times to know they’re doing ok.

Can you wear your baby too much?

After having your baby, you want to keep your baby close and want your baby to bond with you. This Baby Wrap Carrier Hands Free is a stretchy, soft wrap made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex that gives it a little stretch and keeps your baby comfortable, safe and secure. Also, for mom, the stretchy fabric helps prevent back pain, so you can wear it for hours. The baby sling is easy to put on quickly and will allow you to do your chores, go shopping, go for a walk and do all of your “busy mom” tasks, while keeping your baby close to you. The sling is designed to carry newborns and will stretch as your baby grows, holding up to 30 lbs.

As long as you take some breaks and make sure your baby lies on his/her tummy periodically, you’ll be fine. When carrying them, make sure their hips and spine are in alignment to prevent any injuries from occurring.



Knowing your baby is safe is one of the most important things for a new mom. Keeping your baby close will help give you peace of mind. There is no better way than keeping them right with you in your baby wrap sling, which is a must for any new parent. Therefore, these must have baby items should help you to be prepared when the baby comes.


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