Things to Consider When Taking Your Newborn Outside

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It is not possible to hold a newborn baby too much. Scientists at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio have proven that touch is important to a newborn's brain development. Touch is very important, so holding your baby is very important according to this study.

Hold your newborn baby as soon as possible, especially if he or she is a premature baby. The more premature babies are held, the more they respond. Gentle touch and holding can prove to be a medical necessity for these newborn babies.

It is important for hospitals to encourage skin to skin touch and holding for newborn babies. If a parent cannot provide this, have staff provide touch and holding experiences. It is not possible to spoil your newborn by holding him or her too much. Cuddle them all you want to and increase the parent bond with them.

How Soon Can You Take a Newborn Out in Public?

Deciding when is a good time to take your newborn in public is a very important debate new parents face. Parents worry that their newborn baby may become sick due to their limited immune systems. Most doctors agree that newborns can go out right away as long as safety precautions are taken.

Getting fresh air is good for babies and parents alike as Vitamin D promotes health and mood. Be aware of where you are, however, to try to limit exposure to sicknesses. Keep people away and be selective about where you go in order to maintain health for your newborn.

What temperature is ok for baby outside?

You can technically take your baby outside in any temperature. Babies are more prone to cold temperatures, however as they lose heat faster. This increases risks of hypothermia if a baby's body temperature falls below 98. Be aware of frostbite as well if you take a baby in the cold.

Temperatures that are too hot can be risky as well for babies. Most professionals advice being cautious if the temperatures rise above 90. Be extremely cautious if temperatures rise above 100. There will be a risk of the baby becoming overheated.

Do Babies Need Fresh Air Everyday?

Giving a baby fresh air everyday is an old tradition among parents. Scientific studies have confirmed that babies who get ample fresh air may sleep better at night. When exposed to enough light, a baby will want more sleep. This can also be done by placing the baby in front of a window that offers significant natural light. Fresh air, and the light sources it offers, can assist babies in developing healthy circadian rhythms which help the baby and the parents sleep better at night.

Why Do Babies Sleep Better Outside?

Babies sleep significantly better if they take their naps outside. This is due to the fresh air that being outside offers to babies. The air assists the babies in sleeping longer. Taking your newborn outside is also appropriate to allow them to nap.

Fresh air is an essential for every baby. It is important to take your newborn outside as well. Be sure to allow them ample fresh air and natural light to add health benefits. Be sure to dress your baby appropriately for the weather and monitor for health conditions in extreme weather. Avoid people during the newborn stage when your baby is outside to avoid germs, and be sure to hold your baby to increase health.

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