How to Survive The First Year of Motherhood

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Motherhood, especially for first-time moms, can be challenging. There isn’t a manual on surviving the first year of parenting, so encountering adverse situations is inevitable. Being flexible, open-minded, and taking it day by day will help you and baby have a successful first year. 


Accepting Motherhood

To survive the first year of parenting means adopting the ability to embrace change. There will be hard times, like trying to get your baby to sleep, feeding them, and calming them down. Use those moments as opportunities to grow. Each day is a chance to better yourself as a mother and build a greater bond with your baby. 


There’s rarely a day that will run on schedule, so have determination to do the best you can. Don’t get upset when things don’t go as planned. Even if that means focusing on one task at a time, don’t allow being overwhelmed to paralyze you. Remember to have patience with yourself when you make mistakes. Punishing yourself will negatively impact your parenting skills. 


What Makes Motherhood Difficult?

In addition to naturally-occurring hiccups during your parenting journey, your actions can also cause roadblocks. For instance, lack of preparation can bring unnecessary challenges. Although the responsibility of a mother is to train her daughter to be a wife and mother, every child doesn’t receive that head start. If that’s the case, take advantage of resources like books and classes to prepare for your tricky first year. This includes having a vision for your child’s future. Understanding the values you want to instil in your child will help mould the way you raise them. 


Children learn by example, so keep that in mind when responding to behaviours you disapprove of. If they misbehave, negatively responding makes them feel bad about themselves and also causes them to mirror that behaviour throughout their lives. Before reacting, think about how this will impact your child’s self-esteem and future practice. If you do this, your child is less likely to look to their peers and outsiders for guidance. Cultural standards and trends that conflict with your values also make parenting difficult. 


Finding Balance as a Stay at Home Mom

As a mom, the first year can be a blur, especially if your baby hasn’t developed a routine yet. To get a grasp on the day, you should make two lists. One list outlines everyday tasks that need accomplishing and the other outlines personal goals. Personal goals are beneficial because they help you hold onto a piece of yourself. Even if you spend fifteen minutes on each task, this will motivate you to accomplish your goals. Make sure one of your goals is to go outdoors. Fresh air allows you to stretch your legs and can even help get your baby to sleep so you can get more work done. 


How Going Back to Work Impacts Your Baby 

If you must go back to work, don’t feel guilty about leaving your baby with a caregiver. Studies show that almost 70% of American babies whose mothers went back to work had little to no impact on their development. This also allows more time for the father to develop a bond if you’re on rotating schedules. 



The first year of being a mother can be tricky, so do your best to take it one day at a time. Patience, flexibility, and utilizing motherhood-friendly tools will make mommy duties a breeze. Even when you have to go back to work, rest assured that your little one is in good hands.

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