Why Are Convertible Car Seats Important?

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Infant carrier car seats do not go by age when it comes to how long a child is able to safely be restrained in one while in a vehicle. Instead these types of car seats follow height and weight guidelines. The requirements vary depending upon the car seat manufacturer, but typically, infant carrier car seats have a weight limit of between 22 to 35 pounds. At this point, parents typically decide to "upgrade" to use what is referred to as a convertible car seat, in that it can be rear or forward facing, depending upon the child's age and weight/height.

Can infant car seats go in shopping carts?

Infant carrier seats allow parents to transport their infants without removing them from the car seat itself. This can often be quite beneficial and convenient in many different situations. Placing the carrier in a shopping cart is something that parents do all the time, allowing them to shop while baby safely sleeps or plays in their infant carrier. However, it is important to note that the car seat should never be placed on the "seat" part of the cart, where the cart's handles are. Instead the car seat should be placed in the basket portion of the cart, which allows it to be safe from any bumps that would knock it off the cart.


Can I put my 3 month old baby in a sitting position?


Allowing your baby to be a sitting position at the age of 3 months is absolutely something that can be done. This, for the most part, is dependent upon the infant being developed enough to have the ability to be ready to sit up. It is recommended that as the baby develops and gains the strength necessary to fully sit up, parents provide support to help the baby sit up. Whether this be with a parent (or anyone else) sitting behind or next to the baby, or by using baby equipment, such as a boppy or bumbo. It is important to note, that regardless of what is used, baby should not be left unattended at this age, as it is incredibly easy for the baby to tip over or fall back.

Can a 6 month old sit in a shopping cart?


Again, allowing a 6 month old infant to sit in a shopping cart will most depend upon the developmental strengths of each individual baby. Typically, at this age, babies will sit in the front "seat" part of the cart. A shopping cart cover allows for support in keeping baby buckled in and safe, while frequently keeping the baby from coming into contact with any germs that may be on the cart itself. A shopping cart cover also often comes with attached toys, making playtime while shopping easily within reach.

What age can you put baby in shopping trolley?


The age a baby is placed in a shopping trolley will be hugely dependent upon what developed skills the baby has. A newborn baby will be safest in a car seat carrier placed in the basket of the cart or special sling that attaches to the cart. As the baby grows, and gains neck strength, allowing baby to hold its own head up, options for sitting a shopping trolley grow tremendously.



The right cart cover should meet all the safety guidelines such as having a secure harness that holds your baby in the seat. You’ll also want to choose one that can fit any cart while making your baby comfortable. Once you find the right cart cover, you will certainly know it when your baby stays happy and satisfied during a long grocery run.

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