Do Carseats Fit in Shopping Carts?

shopping cart cover

Logistically, one of the hardest errands for a new mom is the trip to the grocery store. You can’t put the baby in a stroller, because you’ll have to push both the stroller and the shopping cart.

The carrier car seat, which your baby will fit in for its first year, might fit in the shopping cart, but then you have no space for your groceries. Some people put the car seat on the top section of the cart, but this puts the baby at risk of falling and safety guidelines warn against it. Once your baby is starting to sit up on their own, a shopping cart cover is the easiest way to get your shopping done with the little one in tow.

Can I Sit My Baby Up at 2 Months?

Babies start sitting up around four months old. They’ll need assistance at first to keep from toppling over as they learn to balance and strengthen their core muscles. At home, you can sit the baby on the floor surrounded by a nursing pillow to offer some support as they practice. When you’re out at stores, you can start sitting your baby in the seat of the cart using a shopping cart cover. The cover will provide support while also protecting the baby from germs.

Do Babies Need High Chairs?

Your baby can start using a high chair as soon as they start sitting up with support. Even if the baby hasn’t begun eating solid foods yet, the high chair is a great spot to sit the baby while you’re eating. Babies love to look around and observe their environment, so being propped up and able to see everything is a thrilling experience for them. It’s also a great way to let your baby start participating in family mealtime. Once the baby starts on solid foods, you’ll want them in a high chair to keep the mess as contained as possible. One of the best purchases you can make is a high chair cover that you can remove and toss in the wash when it inevitably gets messy.

What is The Best High Chair Cover?

When your baby is just starting to sit up on its own, the cover will offer support until they strengthen their muscles and master balancing. When they’re older and eating solids, the cover can be removed and washed in the laundry or spot cleaned, a process you’ll find much easier than scrubbing between the cracks of the high chair. 



The Claro Baby shopping cart cover is a must-have for parents of infants. The cover, which doubles as a high chair cover, is made of high-quality materials and contains extra padding to make a comfortable seat for your little one, as well as elastic bands and Velcro to make it quick and simple for you to secure to the seat. It contains loops for toys and a spot for the baby’s bottle. It even has a transparent pocket for your phone so older babies can watch cartoons while you shop. These features make this cover the best simple product for busy new parents.

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