At What Age Can You Carry Baby on Your Back?

baby wrap carrier

     In nearly every culture women have historically carried their little ones on their backs. Research has shown the many positive benefits of baby-wearing, including increased mother-baby bonding, security for the baby, and increased strength for the mother. Baby wraps are increasing in popularity; now even fathers are wearing their children in carriers too! But there are still some important questions about using a baby wrap.


 When is it safe to start using a baby carrier?


     This depends on the variety. If the wrap supports your baby’s head, it may be used soon after birth. However, if there is no strap or headboard to support the baby’s head, it is best to wait until baby can hold his or her head up on their own, usually 4 to 6 months.


Can baby sleep in a wrap?


    This can be an issue when using a wrap with little support for baby’s head. For safety, wear baby on your front when they’re sleeping to make sure their head is not bouncing around unsafely and their face is clear of fabric which could restrict breathing.


What is the best baby wrap for summer?

     With summer coming up, you may wonder which wrap is best for warm weather. Wraps with minimal fabric and fastenings are a great option; these keep your hands free to push a stroller or shop the farmer’s market on a summer day. During summer, baby needs to be cool and comfortable, so supportive, breathable fabric wraps are a great option!


How to tie the baby wrap?


     It’s easiest, and safest to wear your baby with a simple cloth wrap like the one mentioned above, without worrying about rings or buckles. To tie an all-cloth wrap, hold the wrap in front of you, lengthwise. Put the center of it over your belly button and bring the two ends behind you around your waist as if tying an apron. Make sure the wrap is tight across your abdomen. Once you are holding the ends behind you, twist them and bring each end (which have switched hands) up and over your shoulders to your front. You should now have a strip across your waist, a twist in back, and two pieces coming over your shoulders. Slightly loosen the piece around your waist and tuck those shoulder pieces behind the waist piece, making a “V”. Pull on the shoulder straps to tighten.

     Once the ends have been twisted once to make a “V” down your chest, wrap each one behind your waist again and bring it forward. Repeat until you have no more excess. You will have a few wraps around your waist and straps that come up from the back and around to a “V” in your front. Tie the very ends of these chest pieces together into a double knot at the front (or back) of your waist, depending on how many times you wrap it.


    When you place your baby into the carrier, he should be positioned high enough for you to kiss the top of his head. One of the chest pieces of the wrap can also be pulled forward to secure your baby’s head while sleeping. Finally, enjoy the freedom and closeness that comes with wearing your little one in a baby wrap! Wraps such as this one from  are comfortable and versatile, allowing your baby to sleep facing you, or face outward to explore the world! However you wear your little one, secure, lightweight wraps like this one are a great option.


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