When Can I Bring My Newborn Out Shopping?

Of course you are eager to start your newborn's lifelong adventures and get baby out of the house. It's fun to watch your bundle of joy meet new people, but it can be worrisome too. Newborns are still building immunity and resistance, so be patient and cautious about outings.

Wait 8-12 weeks to take a new baby out shopping. Restrict touching from strangers. Be aware supermarkets, malls and other stores are germ hotbeds.

Consider your climate and season. Never bring your newborn out in blazing heat or freezing cold. In cool weather and winter sun, baby still needs a bonnet and sunscreen.

Keep baby out of crowd situations. If you trust baby is ready for a day out in mild weather, go for it! However parking logistics, long periods of standing and trillions of germs make crowded venues like fairgrounds and malls risky for you both.

When Can I Put My Baby In a High Chair?


The best time to graduate to high chairs depends on size, weight and fine motor skills. When babies are weightier and advanced in coordination, high chair feedings are possible between 4-6 month marks. For smaller newborns and those who need more practice reigning in their limbs, wait 6 months.

Your baby will likely treat a high chair like another toy. Keep it immaculate with regular cleanings and protective covers.


How Do You Install a Shopping Cart Cover?


You will struggle to install any shopping cart cover when it is too small, and many covers are. Start with adjustable or extra-large covers to fit most shopping carts and high chairs. Also, thin polyester material keeps stored covers from bulking up diaper bags.

Before your transfer baby to shopping cart, insure bottle and toy loops are freed to keep those essentials within baby's reach. Match the cart's and cover's leg holes exactly to prevent struggling or delays as you get your little one locked in safely.


How Many Germs Are On Shopping Carts?

Any public place teems with germs but stores are especially toxic. Crowds rotate all day, sometimes for 24 hours, until thousands of hands have touched products and surfaces. Emphasis stays on making the store look clean and products attractive for consumers to purchase, while deeper cleaning rarely happens.

Shopping carts join self-checkout screens and pin pads as hot zones for the flu virus and E. coli bacteria, from others' poor hand-washing and even raw foods. Startling studies have estimated 100 million E. coli bugs can live on one shopping cart.


Are Grocery Shopping Carts Dirty?


Staff members barely organize shopping carts, let alone sanitize their handles and grips. Raw meat packages can look sealed even as small quantities of juice and fluid seep out. Other spills happen but shopping carts usually only receive cursory wipes.

Protect yourself from filthy carts with basic tools. Always use cart covers for babies, and do a cleaning with travel-size disinfectant or even hand sanitizer in a pinch just to be extra careful.




Overprotecting your newborn stifles you both. New parents need the fresh air, exercise and social interaction from shopping at malls, supermarkets and stores. Embrace the possibilities of taking older newborns out within wise, common sense safety measures.

Consider size, washability and elasticity for the best shopping cart cover. Watch for virus or bacteria news alerts. Then, get ready for the next phase of shopping with a tot who can walk and talk you into what they want you to buy




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