Are Baby Wraps Safe for Newborns?

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Those early months of your baby’s life are so precious, and you naturally have many questions about how to keep them safe and comfortable as they grow. Wearing your baby in a sling helps you to stay close to them while also providing gentle movements from your body that can help them to sleep better and stay calm. Parents have used baby wraps for many years, and you’ll even see them being worn throughout the world.

Considering that most cultures participate in some form of baby wearing, you can rest assured that it is absolutely safe to use a sling with your baby. You should know, however, that you do want to be careful how you use a sling. As with most baby products, there are a few best practices to follow that will make using a sling safer and more comfortable.

Can I Use a Baby Carrier While Sitting?

Baby wraps are made to hold your infant close to your chest while you go about your day. In addition to walking around the house or grocery store, you may also find that there are times that you need to sit down with your baby.

You can use a baby carrier while you are sitting. Just make sure to check your baby’s position. Their head should be above the wrap so that they can breathe freely. You may also need to adjust their legs into a more comfortable position if they are dangling from the bottom of the wrap. Holding your squirmy baby close in a sling while you sit can make it so much easier to make it through times when you have to sit and wait on appointments.

How Long Can a Baby Be In a Sling?

This is one of those parenting areas where it truly is up to you and your baby. Some babies prefer to be in the carrier, and you might find that they even cry when you take then out. Other babies are more active and may prefer short periods of cuddling followed by opportunities to move around.

If your baby is not used to being in a sling, then you may want to break them in by wearing it for short periods of time throughout the day. You might also need to adjust your timing as your baby grows. For instance, older babies need some tummy time and opportunities to practice crawling. Once they are done, going back into the sling can give them a sense of comfort after exploring their independence.

Can I Sleep With Baby In Sling?

Slings are safe to wear throughout the majority of the day. However, there are times when it is best to take it off. While falling asleep with your baby in the sling should not cause problems, a sling might make it hard to be sure that your baby’s face is always uncovered. You can, however, feel safe letting your baby sleep in the sling while you are wearing it. Doing so can actually help you monitor their breathing even more than if they were in a crib.

How Do You Dress a Baby In a Sling?

Baby wraps are comfortable and safe to use in any type of weather. The wrap does add a lightweight extra piece of material that can be beneficial for helping them to stay warm in the winter. During the summer, you may want to dress your baby in one less layer of clothing than you might normally use. You’ll also want to make sure that your baby has socks on their feet and a hat on their head if it is cool since these parts of the body are the most exposed.

The right baby carrier should be one that is designed for your baby’s age and size. Wraps allow you to keep the closest contact with your baby possible while also having your hands free to do other things. Knowing that using one is perfectly safe can help you feel good about your parenting choice.


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