How Do You Wrap a Baby Wrap?

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As a parent, one of your greatest priorities is keeping your newborn safe. One of the best ways to do so is using a baby wrap, or a stretchy baby carrier. These wraps are not only a convenient way to securely hold an infant, they are also hands-free, allowing you to simultaneously complete other tasks.

It may seem a bit overwhelming to initially learn the wrapping technique, but it becomes second nature after a few tries. Starting by folding the middle of the wrap over your midsection, you’re going to cross the ends over your shoulders, making an X-shape on your back. With the ends being in the front again, make another X across your chest before wrapping the material around the middle of your back and securing the ends in the front with a knot. The front X is where your baby's legs will sit and the midsection band will go over their behind and back to keep them in place. Be sure to stand over a bed or cushion when placing your baby into the carrier, especially the first few tries to prevent them from falling.

Can newborns use a baby wrap?

This is in fact the best time to introduce your baby to this carrier. It keeps them extremely close to your chest, making them feel like they are still in the womb. This is also a great way to bond with your newborn while completing other tasks. It is even possible to nurse in public with full coverage.

Keeping baby cool in the wrap

It can get pretty warm wearing your baby, however, being that is lightweight carrier is 95% cotton, it allows air to pass through and keep your little one cool. If you want to make sure baby gets adequate air, you can also take your infant out of the wrap and hold them if they appear sweaty or on days with higher temperatures.

How much weight can this carrier hold?

These flexible carriers are a great investment, especially that they can be used for both newborns and toddlers. Despite being lightweight, this baby carrier can securely carry up to 30 pounds.

Can you baby get too hot while wrapped in the sling?

Even with a highly breathable fabric, there is a chance your baby can get relatively warm. Simply take your infant out for a bit and allow your baby to get some air and cool down. Because of this wrap being lightweight, you can take your baby out and leave it on for as long as you wish to avoid having to re-wrap it. When your baby isn’t as warm, you can put them back into the carrier and be on your way.


Whether you are a first time parent or have other children, this is the baby carrier for you. Being lightweight and breathable, this carrier allows you to carry your baby with ease as well as store anywhere when necessary. Wrap carriers are machine washable, and allow you to discreetly nurse on the go as well as put your baby down for a nap. This wrap acts as a womb-like simulator, making it easier for your infant to transition from being in utero to the real world.

When deciding on a baby wrap, Claro Baby provides quality, affordable carriers that have been tested by moms and dads of different heights and weights who recommend this product. With a 100% money-back guarantee, it is highly recommended to buy one of the greatest carriers on the market today.


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