Are baby slings dangerous?


As a new parent, you’ve likely seen a few people wearing their babies, and you are now wondering if a baby sling is dangerous. After all, it seems almost too simple to be able to hold your baby close to your chest while you have your hands free to do other things such as stroke their adorable little head. Baby slings have been used for thousands of years by parents who live throughout the world. In fact, you can bet that new parents once had to use a sling since there was nowhere else to put their baby while they gathered food for their family. While you might not be out scavenging for berries, you do need to take care of your housekeeping and other responsibilities while you tend to your newborn. Understanding how a carrier works and its benefits lets you make the best decision on how you want to carry your baby.


Can You Carry a Newborn in an Infant Carrier?

You absolute can carry your newborn in a carrier, and this is often the preferred method for holding a newborn for new parents. A baby carrier for newborns is worn with their tummy facing yours. This allows them to snuggle their head on your chest. Newborns tend to enjoy this closeness because it allows them to take in their parent’s scent while being able to hear their heartbeat.

Can Babies Suffocate in Carriers?

Your baby is less likely to suffocate when they are under your watchful eye. Although you do need to follow the best practices for safe baby wearing, you can enjoy benefits from the carrier such as being able to monitor your infant’s breathing. Ideally, you should wear the sling when you are up and moving around. Staying alert is important when you are using any type of baby product. However, having your newborn right there on your chest makes it way easier to check on them than it is when you leave a baby asleep in their nursery.

Which Baby Carrier is Best for Newborns?


A wrap style carrier is best for newborns. This is because the wrap holds your newborn close, and you can adjust the tightness of the sling to make sure that your baby’s head never slips down too low. You can also use this type of wrap as your baby grows. While a newborn is typically wrapped tummy to tummy, an older infant can be put facing forward in the carrier so that they enjoy your view of the world.

Is Wearing Baby Wrap Good for Baby?


There are so many benefits of being in a wrap for your baby. In addition to feeling comforted by your scent and the sound of your heartbeat, newborns develop a stronger bond when they are with you for the majority of the day. Babies who spend time in wraps are also exposed to more stimulation from the environment. Your little one will be soaking up the language that you use along with the different things that they see, and this can have an effect upon their future learning. Plus, you’ll be happy to hear that newborns tend to sleep longer and better when they are worn close to their parent.

Parenting means doing your research to make sure that you know the truth about the safety of any baby products that you use in your home. Once you understand how carrying your newborn close to your body benefits your newborn, you’ll want to wear your baby carrier as much as possible. Feeling close to your baby and being able to monitor their health and happiness with just a glance gives you that reassurance that you need as a new parent.


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