When Can Baby Use Shopping Cart Cover?


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Baby shopping cart covers are placed into shopping carts to cover areas where babies may place their hands or mouths. The baby must sit into the cover, however. Therefore, babies are safe to begin using shopping cart covers when they are strong enough to sit up on their own. This usually happens when the baby is approximately six months old. At that time, you should consider purchasing a cover that has a 5-point harness, which has a crotch, waist, and shoulder strap. These protections prevent your baby from sliding forward, wiggling out, and standing up, respectively.

Where to Find Baby Shopping Cart Covers


You can find baby shopping cart covers in brick-and-mortar and online stores. If you are a traditional shopper and enjoy going into a physical store to compare selections, you can find baby cart covers at big-box stores such as Walmart and Target. Small specialty stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond carry baby shopping cart covers, as well.

On the other hand, for new-age shoppers who prefer shopping from home, online stores like Ebay sell covers. Amazon, however, provides an overwhelming number of options from which to choose. In fact, many Amazon covers have been rated highly on the website.

Are Shopping Cart Covers Necessary?

The primary feature of shopping cart covers is that they aid in germ prevention. Given that budget grocery store shopping carts have 270 times more bacteria than a toilet handle, it would seem necessary to have a cover to protect your baby. Babies and young children frequently touch germ-infested surfaces and transfer those germs to their mouths. Cart covers prevent your baby from coming into contact with those germs left on the shopping cart by prior users and juices from raw meat.

Although not a necessity, it is an added bonus that the cover provides extra cushioning for your baby or toddler. It keeps your child comfortable and, thus, makes for a smooth shopping trip.


Baby Shopping Cart Cover for Infants


As previously discussed, there is no use for shopping cart covers until your baby can sit up on his or her own. At that time, certain features that you may want to consider before you make a purchase include:

  • enough elasticity to cover most shopping carts;
  • Velcro to make installation easier;
  • hooks for toys and other items to keep your baby entertained;
  • material that can be cleaned easily while using;
  • waterproof material;
  • a pouch for extra storage space; and
  • the ability to fold compactly.

The covers will include some features and lack others. You will have to determine which attributes are more necessary for you and your baby.




When your baby can sit up with no assistance, you should begin shopping for a cart cover. Shopping carts are infested with germs, and you want to make sure you protect your baby and/or toddler from harmful bacteria. Cart covers are sold in physical stores such as Walmart and Target. Online shoppers, on the other hand, can find a great shopping cart cover on Amazon. On Amazon, there are a large variety of highly-rated covers from which to choose. No matter which retailer you choose to patronize, it is important that you choose the cover that includes the features that are the most essential for you and your baby.


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