Benefits Of Outdoor Napping For Babies


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Many American parents worry about taking their new baby out in chilly weather. They worry about the baby catching a cold in cooler temps. However, in other parts of the world, specifically in Scandinavian countries, it’s normal for people to bring their newborn outside. Parents believe that fresh air and napping outdoors is beneficial for babies.

Is Fresh Air Good for a Newborn?


Fresh air is wonderful for a new baby. Babies who sleep outdoors will take longer naps, as the cold helps them stay asleep longer. They’ll also be more resilient to germs, since the exposure strengthens their immune system. Additionally, having a baby who can sleep outdoors allows for the parents to sustain an active and healthy lifestyle; a baby who is used to taking their naps outside or in a stroller will be able to sleep while being carted around.

When is the Right Time to Bring Your Newborn Out?


You can bring your newborn outside as soon as you’re ready. Again, that fresh air is good for your little one. A healing mother may need a couple weeks to recover, but it’s beneficial for the whole family to get out as soon as they feel ready. Even if the weather isn’t perfect, don’t be afraid to bundle the baby up and take a walk. You can also take the baby to run errands or out to eat at a restaurant. The newborn phase is actually a perfect time to take a newborn to a restaurant, since they mostly sleep during those early days.

How Long Should a New Baby Stay Home After Birth?

A baby doesn’t need to stay home long after birth, so it’s up to each individual family to decide when and how they want to get out. You won’t be getting much sleep during those first nights with a newborn, so you might want to take time to rest, snuggle your baby, and regain some energy. It's important as a parent to do what makes you most comfortable.

How Often Should You Bathe a Newborn?

You don’t want to bathe your newborn too often, as frequent baths can lead to dry skin and exacerbate any skin conditions like eczema. Some parents prefer to include a daily bath in their nighttime routine, but doctors recommend keeping baths to three times per week, which is roughly every other night. You shouldn’t use harsh soaps or fragrant lotions on a newborn because their skin may react to the chemicals.



New parents don’t need to worry about taking their newborn outside. In many countries, it is the norm for babies to spend plenty of time outdoors. When they’re brand new, you may feel more comfortable keeping them in a stroller or in a baby carrier to keep them from being exposed to excessive germs. When they’re a bit older and starting to sit up on their own, you can use a shopping cart cover when you’re out at the store to prevent germs. However you decide to do it, don’t be afraid to take your baby out of the house. Fresh air and sunshine are good for both your immune systems and will keep your whole family happy and healthy.

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